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Candlelight Farms Inn in New Milford CT – the Perfect Rustic Country Wedding Venue

by on Apr.01, 2011, under General, Landscapes, Wedding & Engagement

Sophisticated. Charming. Time frozen…

Once you park your car at Candlelight Farms Inn in New Milford CT, time really stops. You open the door, step out, and the breeze fills up your lungs with freshness. A group of trees meet you in the distance. Wavy hills surround you from all directions. Several horses in the field turn their heads toward you and start waiting for your next move. Some lift their noses up trying to pick up the tiniest trace of smell in the air going their way from you. It’s all about horses here. All about country, pure, rustic, elegant…

Nancy, the inn owner and manager comes and greets you. She takes you to the many buildings, showing you every little detail around. At some point you almost lose track – from the inn’s countless rooms, to the newly renovated barn, to another building nearby, to the beautiful lake, to the horses and the airfield (yup, that’s right)  – there is so so much to see. All made with love. Up to the very last detail.

If you are planning your wedding and are looking for something exquisite and authentic, you owe it to yourself to stop by and check this one out. Chances are, you’ll fall in love with it. Forever.



And here’s the contact info for you:
214 Candlewood Mountain Rd., New Milford, CT
Phone: 860-210-0594

Yours truly,


a.k.a. Valdorama CT Wedding Photographers

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Sarah’s Underwater Afterglow Bridal Photo Session

by on Jan.10, 2011, under General, Wedding & Engagement

Hey folks,

After an amazing e-session and a gorgeous wedding at the Water’s Edge in Westbrook CT, round 3 of our photo adventures with Sarah & Scott continues with their Underwater Afterglow session.  Every single Afterglow session is unique, and this one was not an exception. Water was the main idea of the shoot, but because of the cold weather we had to go indoors so we decided to do the shoot at the brand new Indian Valley YMCA in Ellington.

Mamma Mia, what a place! It made us feel right at home.  Sarah was having the time of her life. Scott was assisting with many things around us, and having an absolute blast… …how many times do you see your wife swimming in a pool in a bridal gown!? LOL…

Here’s what came out:

Finally I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to John and Kim from YMCA for so generously providing their beautiful facilities to us and helping us make all this happen. Thank you so so much! You made us feel right at home, and our whole experience was so amazing.

If you are from the Greater Hartford area, East of the River, and are looking for an all-in-one workout facility, Indian Valley YMCA is the place. It is absolutely amazing, and everybody there is totally awesome. Here’s how you can find them:

Your Pal Val

/a.k.a. CT Wedding Photographer Val Nanovsky/

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The Army Gang Photo Shoot. Bring it on!

by on Dec.29, 2010, under General

WOW, these girls were such a riot!

This was one of those once in a lifetime photo shoots you just can’t forget. Seriously, how many times do you get to meet not one or two, but FIVE so amazing sisters together!?

And yeah, you read that right. “Army” is indeed their last name, believe it or not. We covered a whole bunch of mood variations – ranging from HOT all the way to FORTE, with everything in between. The following is a quick sneak peak of what happened with that “army” a couple of days ago.

Wild? Crazy? Heck yeah :) Fasten your seat belts.

Happy New Year everybody!




Yours truly,

CT Wedding/Portrait Photographer Val Nanovsky

a.k.a. Your Pal Val

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Let There Be Glam!

by on Nov.23, 2010, under General, Portrait

These days I had the opportunity to review some long forgotten photo sessions. Many of these pics never saw the light of day…until today.

If you are a photographer, it doesn’t hurt to look back every once in a while and revisit your old work. You’ll be surprised how much life you’ll find in these photos. And boy, my archives are a true Mecca. Sometimes I just keep repeating to myself: “Don’t go there, don’t you dare!!!”, simply because I know darn well how long I’ll spend looking and editing these pictures. Yeah, you do rediscover yourself this way. A little bit of touch up here, some adjustments there, total noise annihilation (Lightroom 3 does a killer job here), and booom! You’ve got a brand new, totally sparkling image! Don’t forget though, you gotta restrain yourself every once in a while – because otherwise new work is going to hit you like a freight train.

Enough said. This post marks the beginning of an ongoing “Rediscover Valdorama” project as I will be digging all kinds of cool images out of the dust. The wedding season is cooling off a bit and I’ve got some really HOT wedding-related surprises for you coming up (did I say HOT!?), but this  particular project is going to be mostly about glam photography.  These are all fantastic girls I had the pleasure photographing a while ago. I had a total blast doing it. The next couple of days I’ll be adding new pictures…  a new girl each day.

It’s late Tuesday night right now, and I am starting with a Maya’s photos. EN-JOYYYY!!!

Day TWO, Wednesday night. Blue eyes. Golden hair. Let there be pink. Let there be Jessica.

Day THREE, three girls. Paige, Rebecca & Monica. Happy Thanksgiving!

Day FOUR & FIVE. Irma, Pt. 1:

Day SIX. Irma, Pt. 2:

…Don’t forget to check the blog every day. More sweet stuff coming up real soon.

Yours truly,

CT Wedding Photographer Val Nanovsky

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